The MARK BAR Story

Mark Beier is a certified health and nutrition expert, a classically trained chef, loving husband and father, and the founder of Mark Bar.

Life-Altering Events

I started out my professional career as an auditor with a large accounting firm in Cleveland, Ohio and after 5 years of working behind a desk I could see where my life was headed, and didn't like it. I was working long hours, I had gained 10lbs and I wasn't motivated to improve my health and to make things worse, my family’s health history hasn't been great to begin with. My maternal grandfather died when he was only 48 of a massive heart attack, my paternal grandfather had several heart surgeries, and my father had two angioplasty procedures before he turned 60. Realizing I could be headed down the same path, I made a drastic career shift that changed my life forever.

Falling in Love

After 5 years with the accounting firm, I moved to San Francisco and enrolled in culinary school to develop and explore my passion for creating simple, pure, delicious food like my grandmother used to make on the farm. While in culinary school, I fell in love with the local fitness community. I started participating in triathlons and different races in California, and decided to get my personal training certification. I combined my passion for food and fitness into my own business training clients to meet their fitness goals and help them adopt healthy habits into their daily routine. I was learning how to make and prepare food that was both healthy and delicious while helping people reach their fitness goals through their workouts. That amazing feeling of helping others drives me to this day. 

In the Kitchen

In April 2008, my wife and I moved to Chicago to be closer to her family and because we wanted to raise a family here. I started my own personal training business after a year as the Director of Training for Crunch, and another year later I started designing Mark Bar in my kitchen. I realized as a personal trainer I was only helping a very small number of people and what I really wanted was to impact millions of people with something that would change their lives. I wanted to create a product that was absolutely delicious but didn't compromise on being completely natural and healthy. I was tired of the bars that were on the market, full of synthetic ingredients I couldn't pronounce, artificial flavorings, and other chemicals that I didn't want people consuming. So I decided to come up with an alternative. Then and there is where Mark Bar was born. I started cooking small batches of Mark Bars in my kitchen and giving them to clients to enjoy.

Mark Bar is available in four delicious and nutritious flavors. There's something for everyone.

Simple. Pure. Delicious.

Through my years of personal and professional experience I’ve seen firsthand how exercise alone is not enough; we need healthy, wholesome food that tastes great and keeps us energized to perform at our very best. I used my experience as a classically-trained chef to cultivate recipes that are both great tasting, and full of wholesome nutrition. I've spent the last two years perfecting Mark Bar with the right combination of slow and fast digesting carbs, protein, and fats to help fuel my workouts while also satisfying my tastebuds and cravings. Not only that, I've created a brand with you in mind, a brand that stands for living our lives to the fullest.  Taking advantage of each and every day and making the most of what we've been given.

Whether you are professional athlete competing at the highest level, a weekend warrior looking to improve your health and well being or a parent looking to chase after their kid at the park, this bar is for you.